We are a pioneering bank
in Venture Debt

Venture debt is a hybrid security that is halfway between equity and debt.

We are a pioneering bank

As a supplement to expand the capital obtained from Series A financing onwards, minimising the dilution of partners.


In companies that display good metrics but which require further growth before a possible investment round.


In companies that are on their way to profitability, or that are already profitable and do not wish to finance themselves with new capital expansions- due to the dilution it implies.

Profit-earning path

For M&A processes that need financing for the purchase of another company or in a merger.


Why venture debt?


It is a financial instrument that minimizes the dilution of existing partners.


It is a complement that helps expand financing obtained through financing rounds at a lesser cost than capital.


It allows the company to expand its runway until the next round and contributes to the growth of business metrics.

How much do we invest?

Our investment range ranges from

€ 200,000 to € 2,000,000

The debt is settled through:

Interest payment

Payment of interest

Participation in the company

A stake in the company

More details

Interest paid monthly or quarterly.

A % of equity is taken in the company.

Fixed-rate monetary compensation.

Principal repayment in monthly or quarterly instalments, with or without a grace period.

Debt usually matures in 3 years.

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